Want Straighter Teeth? — Consider These 3 “Weird” Alternatives to Braces

A winning smile can go a long way. Studies have shown that a clean, straight smile can improve nearly every aspect of your life. But what if you aren’t so sure about your smile? What if you’re a little self-conscious about it?

Weather you’re wanting more self confidence, looking for a better job or wanting to improve your social and/or romantic life there are many reasons to seek a solution.

When you were a teenager, you may have considered braces. You probably had classmates who wore braces for a few years. Braces are a great option, except there’s one problem: they are very visible.

While this might not be as big of a deal as a kid, it can be a concern as an adult. But fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t straighten your smile. In fact, today there are more options than ever for those who are looking to improve their smile.

Some you may have heard of Others might be new to you. But they all share one thing in common: they are great alternatives to braces that could straighten your smile and give you the boost you need.

Here are three “weird” alternatives to braces:


You might be looking for just a minor improvement in your smile. Maybe you’re happy with your teeth, but they could be just a little straighter. If this sounds like you, then a retainer might be the perfect solution.

A retainer is a removable piece that is normally used after braces. But if you are just looking for a slight adjustment, retainers can be used on their own.

The bonus of using a retainer is that it is very affordable, so you won’t have to pony up a lot of money to get started. Plus, they are much easier to wear.


If you aren’t confident in your smile, but your teeth aren’t crooked, veneers might be your best option.

Veneers are used to address a large number of issues with teeth. Some use veneers – sometimes called “caps” – to close gaps between their teeth, fix broken teeth, or simply take care of teeth that don’t look their best due to shape or color.

With veneers, your dentist will remove a thin layer of your tooth enamel, and then the tooth is capped with a veneer affixed directly to the tooth’s surface. There are many options with veneers, so speaking with a dental professional is essential to understanding your options.


If you are very unhappy with your smile and you want the effectiveness of braces, there is one option that can correct many types of alignment issues, including serious ones. And they are discreet enough that you won’t mind wearing them in public.

Invisalign is a form of clear aligner that fits over your teeth. It is custom-made for your mouth, so it’s comfortable. And because it’s clear, it’s not nearly as noticeable as braces.

Every two weeks, you move to a different aligner designed to adjust your teeth a little more while you wear it.

Invisalign is a very popular choice for adults who want straighter teeth, and it could be the perfect fit for what you’re looking for.

You don’t have to settle for crooked teeth at any age. It’s important to remember that there are clear options available for you at for any insurance and/or at any budget. Talk to a professional near you in Houston today at XXXXXXXXX and schedule a free consultation and find the right solution for you.