Because Traditional Marketing Has Too Many Cavities


We get it.  You’re already too busy to haggle with a bunch of marketing people to try and figure out who will do the best job.  Most firms offer you the same old stuff of “hey, we can do great SEO or we can run your social media or we can create content for you… “Bla, bla, bla… ick.

That’s why we do it very differently.  And by different we mean that it produces results without you needing to be in a bunch of meetings or “manage” anything besides your core business.

How about you keep doing what you’re doing and we just send you new business?

What’s in it for you…

You totally want to grow your business but doing so often seems to mean dealing with pushy marketing companies that promise the moon and require you to bend over backwards to get the new business.

And to add insult to injury, how well has a lot of that marketing panned out?

Here’s the new reality…

Running ads to offers the way it used to be done just doesn’t bring in the new clients like it did back in 2002.  Today your customers are way more savvy and your competition is a simple mouse click away.

So rather than asking, “How can I run better ads?”, why don’t we ask a better question…

Why do people buy?

Ahhhh.  Now we are getting to the meat of the matter.  You see, people, in most cases, buy because they know, like, and trust the person or organization they select for their business.

Does normal advertising produce that sort of result?

The short answer is “no”. The more accurate answer is that it often drives more of your customers away than the ones it brings in.

But, if you are willing to step outside the normal, beat up box, for just a minute you’ll be able to see this is not a death sentence, but rather, an opportunity.

You can manufacture the “know, like, trust” factor!  And you can do it quickly.


By becoming a trusted resource for them.  What if you were to help them with their questions, objections, and problems before they even stepped foot in your office?

What if you were able to stay front of mind with them, to stay in their social feeds day after day after day… not with “HEY, we exist, give us money” sort of ads but high value, educational content, based exactly on what they needed to know?

Now hold up, before you say something like “But that takes oceans of time and nobody in my office can really create that kind of content.”

This is where we step in…

We create highly targeted dental information sites that will answer every question your prospects might have, all while overcoming their objections.  We focus on your best “in the door” procedures, as well as high value treatments, so you can boost your revenue without sacrificing your bottom line.

How we help you is simple…

Your customers are super savvy.

Traditional marketing (ads that just push a product or service) have stopped being effective long ago.

And if they are coming from your domain or social media accounts it just screams “SALES PITCH”.

So why not flip the script?

95% of new purchases are now being made online. Your business needs to capture that enormous traffic!

How we help you get more clients…

Comprehensive, Effective, Content Marketing

What if you didn’t need to change ANYTHING you were doing and simply received more calls and new client reach outs?

Meaning…your phone just rings with more business? No longer will you need to tirelessly search for new clients. Now, they come looking for you.

How do we do this?

With targeted ads that enhance their awareness and knowledge of the benefits of your services through high-value articles. We’ll use these informational pieces, written by a bestselling writer, to educate your audience and entice them to use your services.

What you’ll get when you partner with us…

A niche-specific and targeted marketing ad campaign to bring in the leads you want—paying customers.

One professionally written SEO-optimized, and customer galvanizing article EACH week to funnel new prospects to your door. (Four per month).

Social media optimization to ensure the face of your business depicts authority and quality.

A complete 100% DONE-FOR-YOU, WHITE-GLOVE experience so you never have to lift a finger—just do what you do best, deliver on your promises and continue to offer superb service. We’ll handle the rest.

And now you’re asking, what will this all cost me?

Before we get into costs, I’d like to ask you a more important question.

If we could bring you one new Invisalign client each month, what would that be worth to you?

What if we brought you two, four, or ten new clients each month? What would you be willing to pay for those kind of results?

With the average new Invisalign client running at $10,000-$12,000…just one new lead per month would be a HUGE influx in business. And just think, that lead came in all without you lifting a finger, or exhausting your energy, time, and efforts on juggling all of the angles of your business.

Instead, you left the heavy-lifting to the professionals who do this for a living. Would one new Invisalign client every month change your life? Would it change your business?

Now think…what if we could bring in just one every-single-month for as long as we partnered together…what would that be worth to you?

Are you seeing the exponential growth potential here for you and your business?

Our job is not only to bring you valuable leads to increase your business’s revenue. That’s nice! But we want you to thrive. We believe in elevating you as the authority in your field of expertise, to mark you as the “GO-TO” dentist in your market.

When someone needs teeth whitening…they come to you.

When they need a crown, root canal, or cavity filled…who better to go to than you? You hold a solid reputation of esteemed customer service, reasonable and fair rates, and quick turnaround.

When customers leave your office they do so with more than a smile, they exit with their spirits lifted and ready to conquer the world.

Isn’t that what you want from each of your customers and employees? Your business is more than a service, it’s a way of living.

Let us help you expand your influence. If you focus on continuously delivering superb service, we’ll get you the leads you need to grow exponentially.

“How many dentists are you doing this for? It sounds awesome, but won’t I be competing with my competitors if I hire you?”


When you partner with us, you’re guaranteed and locked into a twenty-mile radius from your point of business. This means that we’ll ONLY run these targeted ads and services for you and your business within a twenty-mile radius.

Not only will you be able to stand out from your competition you’ll grow by becoming the only one doing this in your area doing this.   Proving you can help by actually helping.  And in so doing become the office every person in your local vicinity recommends to their friends, family & coworkers.

Soon…word-of-mouth will spread and you’ll be the only option for people when they need routine maintenance or looking to enhance their own image with a better, whiter smile.

And who will be there to welcome them with open arms…YOU!

This truly is a white-glove and exclusive partnership. When you team with us, we guarantee you that you’ll rise above your competition and scale your business as far as your imagination can phantom.

And we would love to speak with you about the opportunity.

Because if you’re reading this that means your customers are already using this site.

For only $2399 each month (which includes your entire advertising budget), you could become the go-to office in your local market. This includes everything from social media and website optimization, targeted ads, and education based articles to attract your ideal customers.

And remember…we’re going after the high-ticket customers. The ones who will come to your office for services like root canal, teeth whitening, veneers, caps, crowns, and Invisalign.

This ensures your profits will skyrocket quickly. And remember what we said earlier…one Invisalign patient is worth $3,000+. JUST ONE!

And we’ll be bringing you A LOT more than just one.  So what will you do? Are you ready to grow your practice using the marketing tactics of today rather than look like every other office out there?

Schedule your free consultation with us to walk you through exactly how this entire process will look.

But rest assured, if you’re reading this it means we are already in your area and getting new clients for dentists.  Make sure you stake your claim so you can be our exclusive office in your market!

It’s our top priority to see your business thrive. And we know the best way to do that is with us.